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Locksmithing is a very old profession and has been around for ages. Just about everyone wants to feel secure and in a safe state when they are in their homes, out working or even while driving. This is why locksmithing as a profession never saw a setback, on the contrary, it has seen a rise in opportunities and talent. But with so many locksmiths around, there’s also a mix of unprofessional technicians and amateurs in the midst. So, how do you choose the right one? As one of the best residential locksmiths in Nashville, we have a dedicated team of expert locksmiths who have perfected this art after years of practice and dedication. We are a trusted cheap locksmith in Nashville and come with a promise of providing a high quality service to our customers. We have a 24/7 helpline 615-510-3131 which allows anyone to call at any time of the day/night when they are facing a lock or security related problem. Nashville Locksmith Store will send a prompt professional to the spot who will solve the issues quickly. There is never a day-off for our services and this dedication to our work is what has made us such a relied upon name in the industry for customers in the region.

No matter how complex the lock and security problem you’re facing is, remember the solution will always be just a call away. We have locksmiths who are experienced in dealing with every kind of lock/key out there as well as complex security systems. Be it for repairing any faulty lock system or to install a completely new security system in your home and commercial areas, there can be no one better than us to get the job done.

About Us

We are a team of people who know the Nashville area very well and are adept in offering a wide range of locksmith services. Be it your car door locks, the lock on your trunk, a safe you keep for your documents or the master key for your home, our locksmiths will work on everything and anything. The locksmiths that we employ are completely professional, qualified and work legally in the confines of the law. They have one purpose and that is to serve the customers with their best possible work. Despite a professional team taking on the mantle, our prices are not astronomically high and we remain one of the cheap locksmiths in Nashville.

To be in line with our aim of achieving higher customer satisfaction, we have set up a 24/7 telephone hotline at 615-510-3131 which allows anyone in need of a locksmith to call at any time and ask for assistance. Our locksmiths work round the clock in shifts to ensure that is someone is at the helm at all times. We provide same-day services to all our customers and can arrive within half an hour on emergency basis as well. You can even make an appointment for a later date or call us for a free consultation meet.

Why Us?

Nashville Locksmith Store guarantees top quality work in low prices and amazing customer satisfaction. Promptness is in our DNA and we will never leave someone struggling with an emergency for a long time. We have professional locksmiths who are experts in tackling residential, commercial locksmith and vehicular problems as well making us a completely one-stop shop for every lock-related issue that you can think of. Our locksmiths are available for your help at any point of the day and come packed with enough tools and equipment to do the job ten times faster. This is beneficial as you won’t have to come to the shop for a simple key cutting or lock repair. It’s this fast, efficient, reliable and affordable service that has made us one of the best locksmiths in the region. Don’t take our word for it. Our reputation is well known in our client circle and that’s why you should go ahead and hire us without thinking twice.

Services We Offer

From fixing locks to cutting keys to offering advice on ramping up your security, we offer a wide range of services to our customers. Be it residential, commercial, automobile or emergency issues, just call on 615-510-3131, explain the issue to the person and we will immediately dispatch the suitable expert to your place

  • Residential Locksmith Services

As one of the best residential locksmith in Nashville, we are dedicated towards making your living space safe and secure from outside threats and intruders. We are experts in repairing the existing lock systems in your house as well as installing a more secure and foolproof security system to avert further threats. We can easily turn your simple home into a keyless entry home and install locks and doors on your patio as well as garage. We can duplicate the keys that you have and also provide lock rekeying services on the spot if you have lost your key. It is this prompt and quick service which we give our customers that has made us popular and demanding in Nashville area. Call us anytime to get a free consultation service on how to make your home more secure and what changes we can you bring in your home to keep the unwanted threats out.

  • Commercial Locksmith Services

We provide cheap locksmith in Nashville for commercial offices and buildings making them more secure. This ensures that the customers coming to your office as well as people working in the office feel safe and protected at all times. You can also count on us for regular services. When someone is locked out from the commercial space or if you have lost or forgotten the keys to the front door, our experts will quickly help you gain access to make sure precious business time isn’t lost while we’re at it. We can also install master key service in the building, repair faulty locks, set up panic locks, install high security locks on the door along with keyless access systems to prevent anyone from entering into the building without proper authorization, and much more. Our locksmiths can install locks on your employees’ lockers and desk cabinets as well to keep important documents safe and secure. We also install safes and lockers as well which can easily hold precious items. Just call us and explore a plethora of services.

  • Automobile Locksmith Services

If you are someday locked out of your car and the keys are still inside, then you must call 615-510-3131 to get in touch with one of our experts quickly who will understand the situation and be down to the spot immediately. We have been working professionally for years now and can easily retrieve your broken keys, make new ones if you have forgotten them somewhere, repair the locks on your car door or replace them. We also make transponder keys and can also set up an anti-theft system to protect your car at all times. We also make keys for motorcycles and other vehicles as well. You can even turn your vehicle into a smart vehicle by installing a keyless remote system to it. Whether you need help with new car keys or require assistance with a car lockout, you can count on our automotive locksmith experts to deliver exceptional service in the state of Tennessee!  

There is no expiry date on locks and keys. If maintained properly they can easily last a lifetime. There are some instances however when these components aren’t behaving the way it should and require the occasional touch-up to ensure smooth functioning. This is where Nashville Locksmith Store comes in. We are a group of dedicated, experienced and cheap locksmiths in Nashville who are available 24/7, 365 days a year to solve any issues or problems you might have regarding your locks, keys or security systems.


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